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Park City, Utah
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You're in the early stages of building a company

You have a working product

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Well rounded. After thinking of all the ways Royal Street has been involved in Red Clay, the best two words I can find to describe this team are well rounded. They not only provide capital, they roll up their shirt sleeves to do the heavily lifting. They not only provide insight for growth, but words of encouragement when times get tough. Not only are they incredibly bright, they are humble and down to earth.

Abby Kiefer
Red Clay

Royal Street Ventures Goes Beyond Funding

Board Leadership

Boards of directors are crucial to the continuing success of early growth-stage businesses. Royal Street Ventures holds director seats on the boards of all investments and works to maintain robust boards whose members can provide ongoing direction.

Future Capital

As our investments grow, our entrepreneurs may need additional capital to meet new needs. We have the ability to meet future capital requests that support our investment objectives.

Channel Introductions

Every industry is different. We have the breadth and depth to make sure our entrepreneurs can enter their respective marketplaces with the best chance of success.

Networking Opportunities

Putting the right people together creates growth. Royal Street Ventures’ robust network of partners, vendors, colleagues and advisors is invaluable to entrepreneurs.

Professional Support

We want our entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best, so we provide support that helps grow our investment

Customer Introductions

Growth requires new accounts. We connect our investments with their best prospective customers.

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